Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 5 Jul 2023


What is DistributeSG?

Who uses DistributeSG?

How does DistributeSG work?

Why is my personal data being used to track distribution? Isn’t that not allowed under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

For Distributors

Where should I download the DistributeSG mobile app?

How do I gain access to the DistributeSG mobile or web app to update distributions?

I get stuck at the “Join Campaign” page. How can I start using the app? How do I proceed?

I have ad hoc volunteers or staff that I need to add urgently to help with distribution. How do I add them?

What can the pre-registered app users access? What can ad hoc app users access?

Right now the location shown in the app is different from the one that I am at. How do I change location?

I am unable to scan the NRIC barcode and it shows me a dark grey screen. Can you help?